XXIII FESTIVAL Organistic City of Camaiore (2018)

Event type: Concerts
When: dal 07/05/2018 al 08/29/2018
Where: Camaiore - Chiesa della Badia di Camaiore Via Badia (Camaiore) - 0584 989210
More info: https://www.camaioreorganfestival.com/
With the patronage and the contribution of the City of CamaioreOrganized Festival "City of Camaiore" 2018 XXIII edition5 July Giampaolo di Rosa12 July Esteban Elizondo15 July Dan Zerfaß22 July Matthias Dreißig28 July Christian Tarabbia<- p > 2 August Enrico Barsanti 8 August Federica Iannella14 August Andrea Vannucchi20 August Hans-André Stamm<- p > 29th August Alessandro Bianchi All the concerts will take place at the Church of the Badia. 21.15 hours Entrance: Euro 5.00 for each concert

Alcatraz: spettacolo tra circo e teatro con Paolo Ruffini

Event type: Theatre and Dance
When: dal 08/10/2018 al 08/27/2018
Where: Viareggio - Cittadella del Carnevale Via Santa Maria Goretti - 0584 53048
More info: www.psychiatricircus.com
The show A highly colored event that is highly spectacular, irreverent but at the same time entertaining, to give spectators a laugh of pure terror thanks to a unique cast of artists from all over the world and composed from acrobats, fakirs, clowns and theatrical interpreters of the highest level that will tell the story of life inside a maximum security prison, where people become mere numbers and their bodies are subjected to abuse and abuse, to the point of turning into empty containers. The inmates of "Alcatraz", in fact, are objects caged at the mercy of the prison director, who will be played by the guest star Paolo Ruffini .Date with Paolo Ruffini:6 - 13 - 20 - 27 August 2018To purchase tickets:


Event type: Festivals
When: dal 08/19/2018 al 08/26/2018
Where: Camaiore - Parrocchia di S. Lazzaro ai Frati - Via San Francesco
More info: http://www.comune.camaiore.lu.it/
In the beautiful scenery of the Franciscan cloister (16th century) of the church of S. Lazzaro di Camaiore, the Cappella Festival is one of the finest in Versilia.Exquisite dishes prepared by hand by the ladies of the country offer unmistakable and ancient flavors.The cappelletto is a first dish made from ravioli prepared with two discs of hat-shaped pastas joined together. In the space obtained is filled with a meat filling and everything is seasoned with plenty of meat sauce. Mustache-licked!Other side dishes are equally delicious.The premises are indoors and table service is provided.Ample parking in the sports field at the back of the frencescano complex

Massimo Ranieri in "I dream and I am 400 times"

Event type: Concerts
When: 08/21/2018
Where: Forte dei Marmi - Villa Bertelli Via Giuseppe Mazzini, 200 - Telefono: 0584 787251
More info: tel. 0584 787251
Massimo Ranieri in " DREAM AND SON DESTO" 400 times designed and written by Gualtiero Peirce and Massimo Ranieri.Forte dei Marmi - Villa Bertelli 21 August 2018 Dream and son Desto more renewing. And so continues the wonderful journey of Massimo Ranieri with his audience. A magnificent adventure, suspended between the exciting game of fantasy and the truest emotions of life, which the histrionic Neapolitan artist brings to Forte dei Marmi , on the prestigious stage of Villa Bertelli Next 21 August . After 400 extraordinary performances throughout Italy, the show by Massimo Ranieri, conceived and written with Gualtiero Peirce, is renewed and confirmed. The winning formula remains unchanged, with Ranieri interpreting his great musical successes , but always actor and narrator . In this new version without losing given the unmistakable taste of the Neapolitan humoristic tradition and the shots of theater, of course there will be surprises. But this time, above all, Ranieri will be even more himself. On stage there will be a 100% Maximum, which will offer its audience the best of its most beloved and most prestigious repertoire. Orchestra formed by: - Max Rosati (guitar),- Flavio Mazzocchi (piano),- Pierpaolo Ranieri (bass),- Luca Trolli (drums),- Donato Sensini (winds) ,- Stefano Indino (accordion) General organizer: Marco De Antoniis - Light designer: Maurizio Fabretti. Presale: < br /> Sales are available online and at Ticketone authorized outlets

The blonde at the end of summer

Event type: Festivals
When: dal 08/23/2018 al 08/26/2018
Where: Capezzano Pianore - Piazza della Chiesa, Capezzano Pianore. - Piazza della Chiesa, Capezzano Pianore.
More info: 0584 986356
BEER FESTIVAL From 17 to 19 and from 23 to 26 AugustCapezzano Pianore, Camaiore (LU)From 17 to 19 and from 23rd to 26th August at Capezzano Pianore, in the Municipality of Camaiore (LU), on the church square will take place the traditional BEER FESTIVAL.Every evening from 8.00 pm opening of the food stands , where you can enjoy Bavarian specialties, typical Tuscan dishesand of course the queen of the party, the ever-present Bavarian beer.The program includes lots of fun thanks to live music and shows that will involve adults and children, especially SUNDAY 19 with the umpteenthelection of MISS BIONDA OF END OF SUMMER, selection of the national competition.The Beer Festival is organized by Misericordia di Capezzano Pianore under the patronage of the City of Camaiore.Information about the event Responsible: Misericordia di Capezzano PianoreTelephone: 0584 986356 < br /> Email: cultu

Bathing beauties on the Lido Promenade!

Event type: Fairs
When: dal 08/25/2018 al 08/26/2018
Where: Lido di Camaiore - Lungomare Europa (Lido di Camaiore)
More info: Consorzio di Promozione Turistica
Promotional themed fair dedicated to beauty in all its forms: from glazes to creams, from facial massages to shatzu, from the most glamorous accessories to the latest clothes, from the sculptures and the paintings. There will be fashion houses, hairdressers, beauticians, artists, etc.


Event type: Concerts
When: 08/25/2018
Where: Corsanico - Corsanico (Massarosa) - www.comune.massarosa.lu.it
More info: info. 328 5391833 - www.corsanicomusica.it
Ensemble Bisentium Daniele Iannaccone: solo violin and concert playerFederico Lodovichi: bassoonAdmission: € 10
events service: www.laversilia.it