The sweet noise of life

Event type: Exhibitions
When: dal 04/16/2018 al 06/10/2018
Where: - Chiesa di Sant'Agostino, Via S. Agostino 1 - 0584 795500
More info: Info: Centro Culturale Russo 0584-795500
Inauguration: Saturday 3rd March at 5.00 pm Opening hours (Church of St. Augustine and Cloister): Tuesday to Friday 16.00-19.00 | Saturday and Sunday 10.00am - 1.00pm/4.00pm - 7.00pm. Monday closed. Holidays and special openings: Monday 2 April, Wednesday 25 April, Tuesday 1 May, Saturday 2 June, 10.00-13.00/16.00-19.00. Monday, April 30th, time 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm Two monumental sculptures "Wind and water" and "Life and Death" will be placed in Piazza del Duomo, and an installation consisting of three works Ilaria, Ilaria dresses, La guerrigliera: three young women they seem to set up a dialogue between them. On the churchyard of Sant'Agostino the sculpture "La Principessa e la frana" will be placed. Inside the church the attention will be focused on "Mother and Child", emphasized by a special lighting that will bring out the whiteness of the marble with which it is made while in the Cloister visitors will encounter four other sculptures placed on a platform that will cut across the space: it is "Miss Pink", "Late Date", "Esmeralda", female figures in movement while the fourth sculpture, The violinist, sitting in a corner, seems to accompany them with the melody of her instrument. In the Sala del Capitolo will be placed the paintings depicting the female world, the Venuses, or the idealization of the woman, the incarnation of beauty, love, seduction and sensuality. The male portraits in the Sala dei Putti will be a counterpoint to them. Exhibition bearing the signature of the Irish sculptor Paddy Campbell and the Tuscan painter Simona Dolci, interpreters of an exhibition that marks the highlights of human life. Campbell's bronzes and Dolci's paintings depict women and men caught up in activities and daily attitudes, expressing feelings and emotions such as love, motherhood, sensuality that in the chaotic noise of everyday life it is necessary to rediscover and appreciate authentic. Free entry. Exhibition by the Irish sculptorist Paddy Campbell and the Tuscan painter Simona Dolci. Free admission. Info: Centro Culturale Russo 0584-795500

Seravezza Photography

Event type: Exhibitions
When: dal 04/16/2018 al 05/27/2018
Where: Seravezza - Palazzo Mediceo - (Seravezza)
More info: Info: 0584 757443/756046
hours: from Friday to Saturday 15.00-20.00 | Sundays and holidays: 10.00 am - 8.00 pm Palazzo Mediceo Fifteenth edition of "Seravezza Fotografia". A national and international event that every year successfully combines the great names of photography with a wide audience and the amateur world of photography, with the artistic direction of Ivo Balderi. Seravezza Photography in its fifteenth edition dedicates the main exhibition to the freelance photographer Uliano Lucas in the halls of Palazzo Mediceo, Unesco World Heritage. The Uliano Lucas exhibition, entitled "Life and nothing else" - Fifty years of travel and stories by a freelance photojournalist - is an anthological exhibition with more than 200 black and white photographs, a photographic exhibition that ranges from reality Milanese art world of the '60s that gravitated around the bar Jamaica and the bar Genis to the worker and student protest of the' 70s, from immigration in Italy and abroad always of those years and also in the contemporary with a reportage inside the "Fenoglio" Welcome Center in Turin, an exhibition that wants to attract attention to the topics dealt with, often still current and which wants to give the author the right recognition for the work done to date. A large number of exhibitions, meetings and portfolio readings, which until May 27 make Seravezza an indispensable destination for photography enthusiasts and for the general public, corollary to the Lucas exhibition. Granducali cuderies, overlooking the garden of Palazzo Mediceo, host in the exhibition a retrospective dedicated to Rimini photographer Isabella Balena entitled "La scelta dello sguardo", with some reports made in her twenty-five year career, an exhibition entitled "Minimal satisfactions" narcissistic "that collects two of the most important research work of the young but already established artist Cecilia Gioria, the event of Foto Gang dedicated to independent books and fanzines, the exhibition and the meeting with the authors Stefano Giogli, Giovanni Presutti and Andrea Avezzu centered on the work entitled "Terre Medicee" played last year in Seravezza at the contemporary photography seminar "Reflexions Masterclass", the collective with the shots made by some amateur photographers on the occasion of the urban exhibition of the sculptor Emanuele Giannelli: "Fotopia -danza of a photographic utopia ". The program of Seravezza Fotografia is completed by the personal exhibitions of Tatiana Mura with the exhibition "Odi et amo" and Luca Vecoli with the exhibition entitled "La cura" at the Palazzo Civico di Querceta, the collective of street photography by the Photographic Circle L'Altissimo: "Strade" and the exhibition by Bruno Madeddu entitled "Appunti di vita" at the La Seravezziana gallery. Admission € 7.00 - € 5.00 reduced. Photo exhibitions and events on the occasion of the annual review Seravezza Photography. Free admission. Info: 0584 757443/756046

The evolution of the form

Event type: Exhibitions
When: dal 04/21/2018 al 06/02/2018
Where: Vittoria Apuana - Villa Bertelli - Via Mazzini 200 (Vittoria Apuana) (Vittoria Apuana) - Tel. 0584 787251
More info: Villa Bertelli – Via mazzini 180 – tel.0584/787251 Ufficio Informazioni Turistiche – Via Spinetti 44 – tel 0584/280292
The abstract art of Marzio Cialdi arrives at Villa Bertelli, where thanks to a large anthological exhibition, "The evolution of the form", organized by the Villa Bertelli Foundation and scheduled in the internal exhibition spaces from 21 April to June 2, over forty of his sculptures will be presented, which tell the story of his artistic career. The sculptor, born in Pistoia, but for years living in Switzerland, has been researching for about fifteen years, which has led him, not only, to deal with different materials, but also to develop his own style and his own poetic. So, in addition to the use of traditional bronze and ceramics, it has recently moved on corten, aluminum and steel, materials that, while remaining solid and durable, develop a material expressiveness linked to rust and time that flows. The folded strips of these elements make up a large part of his last production and also represent the will for total control of the creation process. Great protagonist of the works of Cialdi has been and remains the man. For this reason the artist has elaborated characters, which can recall, on the one hand, the famous "Walking Man" by Alberto Giacometti and on the other, the metaphysical figures of Roberto Barni. Specifically, the bronze sculptures have been enriched with a particular search for innovative and original white and pink patinas compared to traditional fusion. Marzio Cialdi, therefore, wants to be an all-round sculptor, without limitations, convinced assertor of sculpture, understood as a product of the binomial hand-thought. His art tends towards change, instability, conscious of a world that does not stand still and that always awaits the artistic interpretation to reveal itself.The exhibition will remain on display from April 21st to June 2nd at the following times: every day from 10.00 am to 1.00 pm and from 4.00 pm to 7.00 pmFor information: 0584 280292 -280253

New Autogenic Training Cycle

Event type: Cultural events
When: dal 04/27/2018 al 05/30/2018
Where: Viareggio - Il Centro 4.0, Via Giuseppe Zanardelli 194
More info: 0584-30969 -
In EIGHT group meetings, we will learn to LISTEN and to respect OUR BODY, eternal companion of our existence.#arrassiamociinsiemeTHE BENEFITS that derive from practicing this relaxation technique are multiple:- Improve the quality of sleep- Overcome specific fears (such as fear of dogs or other animals, environmental, such as thunderstorms or heights, fear of blood, specifically injections or injuries, situations like airplanes, elevators, crowded places.- Fear for an exam Fear of getting sick, etc.)- Managing impulses, anxiety and stress- Overcoming an addiction (such as sexual, gambling, internet, sports, mobile, substance, religion, affective, etc.).- Improving sports performance<- p > Ultimately the AUTOGENOUS TRAINING serves to improve the quality of your life. FIRST open and FREE meetingTRY IT DOES NOT COST NOTHING!Yes lia comfortable clothingFor more information call: 0584-30969or write to:

Versilia - memories of a summer at the seaside from 1880-1940

Event type: Exhibitions
When: dal 04/30/2018 al 07/22/2018
Where: Viareggio - Villa Argentina Via Fratti - 0584 48881
A 60-year-old summer, between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, with evocative images that bring us back to an extraordinary era of Versilia. On Sunday, April 29 at 5 pm in Villa Argentina (Viareggio), the photographic exhibition "VERSILIA memories of a summer at sea 1880-1940", curated by Enrico Stefanellie promoted by the Banca del Monte di Lucca Foundation and the Province of Lucca, in collaboration with the City of Viareggio and the Superintendence of Archeology, Fine Arts and Landscape of Lucca and Massa Carrara and with the patronage of the Municipalities of Lucca, Camaiore, Forte dei Marmi, Massarosa, Pietrasanta, Seravezza and Stazzema. Sonocirca 70 the photographic prints on display (in reproduction), to which are added photos and original posters from the photographic archive of the Province of Lucca and videos from the Chini Archive of Camaiore. The story goes from the first images on the bathing establishments, the coast and the inland referred to the last decades of the nineteenth century, to arrive at the end of the thirties of the twentieth century, passing through the Belle Époque. The first rooms are dedicated to a chronological account of the life of the places, of the costumee of the territory, with an unsettling effect for the visitor who perhaps will struggle to recognize it as it was. On the first floor a focus on cross-cutting issues such as the evolution of bathing establishments, the bathing suit, time out of the beach with sports games, tennis, bridge, dance, life in the pine forest, transport ( as we arrived and we moved in Versilia), urban development. "It is an exhibition that strengthens our sense of identity as it helps us to recognize, through the seaside life and social development of Versilia, the time when it became a model dreamed of by tourists from all over Europe. Versilia is still all this and the magic that is renewed every summer stimulates us to regain awareness of the wonders of our territory "is the thought expressed by the President of the Province of Lucca, Luca Menesini, proud of this new exhibition at Villa Argentina that confirms the incessant cultural and artistic activity. The president of the Banca del Monte di Lucca Foundation, Oriano Landuccimanifesta his enthusiasm: "The exhibition presents itself as the natural development of the previous exhibition 'La Versilia ritrovata'. A new edition that wants to be a wide-ranging project that does not simply refer to the memories of a summer by the sea, but also and above all the passionate relationship between man and Versilia. Each image exhibited is an exciting frame that takes us into a happy time, suspended between dream and reality ". The welcome to visitors will be supported by ISI students. Piaggia di Viareggio as part of a training project of Alternanza Scuola Lavoro with the Province of Lucca that has been going on for several years.The renowned Bazaar store in Viareggio also collaborates in the setting up of the environments. pieces coming from the great collection of vintage clothing and accessories and Pezzini Editore (antique typography that produces editorial products historical notebooks dedicated to Viareggio and its history).Numerous collateral initiatives will take place during the period of the exhibition: from meetings on fashion and costume, to presentations of books and period films and moments of entertainment. Photography enthusiasts and collectors can participate enriching the contents of the exhibition with their vintage photos (always relating to the period 1880 - 1940) accompanied by captions that will be placed in a special dedicated corner. The exhibition was realized with the precious support of Fratelli Alinari, PhotoLux, Apple Editing, Chini Archive of Lido di Camaiore (film owned by the Chini Family), ISI Piaggia of Viareggio (welcoming visitors as part of the project of Alternanza Scuola Lavoro with the Province of Lucca), Arci Committee Lucca Versilia, Bazaar Viareggio (collaboration with the setting up drawing from their vintage collection) Pezzini Editore (antique typography that produces editorial products dedicated to Viareggio and its history).The photographs come from the famous Alinari Archives of Florence, from the Archive of the Province of Lucca, from the Chinie Archive from the archives of the Autonomous Tourist and Tourism Company, established in 1928, which holds over 1,500 pieces acts and advertising posters of all the towns of Versilia. Alinari Archive of Florence. For all scholars and fans of History of Photography, the Alinari Brothers and what they represent a guarantee of quality, a real expressive model that has influenced generations of photographers and artists: their images have entered fully into the historical memory of the our cultural heritage. The Archive of the Province of Lucca particularly draws the Tourist Photographic Archive that comes from the patrimony of the Autonomous Tourist Office, born in 1928 then became Riviera della Versilia. In the '30s many advertising campaigns were commissioned and numerous films that made the coast from Viareggio to Forte dei Marmi famous. These multimedia products, which still amaze us for their freshness and innovative ability, were meant to show all the beauties of the territory to attract more and more tourists. The Photographic Archive, consisting of more than 1,500 pieces, holds about 600 photos and advertising posters covering a period from the '30s to the present day and covers all the towns of Versilia. The photos in the exhibition recount the myth of the localities of holiday and vacationers in a golden age that seems not to feel the imminence of the Second World War. Chini Archive of Lido di Camaiore: the exhibition path is enriched also by images from period films including one by Galileo Chini placed at the disposal of the Chini Archives in Lido di Camaiore, whose beautiful images see the versatile artist as versatile artist Galileo Chini, pioneer of Liberty style in Italy Photographers In vintage images, the professionalism of some truly extraordinary photographers immediately stands out. Among the many it is possible the Lucca Ettore Cortopassile whose photographs are preserved in the Photographic Photographic Archive of the Province of Lucca. His way of working is at the border between visual art and documentary photography and by observing his photographs it is easy to identify a compositional balance where documentation and aesthetic research meet; a photograph of 1939 will be taken as a subject by Piero Cantini, around 1950, to create an advertising poster of Viareggio.The figure of Carlo Brogi, who in 1881 inherited the "Brogi Company" ", Founded in 1864 by his father, the famous Giacomo Brogi. His visions are clearly pictorial with great attention to the composition of the image. The opening is scheduled for Sunday, April 29 at 17.00 The show will open on July 22nd for free admission.Timetable: Tuesday to Sunday 10.00-13.00 and 15.00-18.30.Closed on Mondays (except for April 30th)

Terra Nuova Festival 2018

Event type: Flea markets
When: dal 05/26/2018 al 05/27/2018
Where: Camaiore - Camaiore - Comune di Camaiore - Centralino: (+39) 05849861 Fax: 0584 986264
More info: Comune di Camaiore - Centralino: (+39) 05849861 Fax: 0584 986264
Nature, art, culture, health, good food. The Terra Nuova Festival reaches its 5th edition. A well-established event, at FREE ENTRANCE, which attracts thousands of visitors from all over Italy. Two days of conferences, shows, workshops for adults and children, holistic sessions, children's area, musical performances, accompanied by an unmissable organic and vegetarian food offer and a high-quality MARKET EXHIBITION.Current issues will be joined from our usual topics, natural food, health and well-being, civil rights, new models of agriculture, green building, healthy growth and deep relationships, key topics to focus on.

Versil Cup 18

Event type: Sport
When: dal 05/26/2018 al 05/27/2018
Where: Forte dei Marmi - Lungomare Roma, Forte dei Marmi
More info:
We are there !!! #Fun #Friend #FootballOfficial dates: 25-27 MayTeams from all over Italy (in 2016 also from Egypt and Belgium)⚽️ 5-a-side football (Final phase Gold and Silver)⚽️ 7-a-side football8 Game kits for the first 10 teams registeredNational Finals CesenaticoDiscount coupons for International tournamentsTechnical material and other rich prizes! !!Spritz Party and Grill Saturday NightEvening parties in the most famous places of the Versilia#AreYouReady #PlayYourPassion # Calcioa5 # calcioa7You are all ready ???From tomorrow registration open on the site!

All grain brewing course with Jeanluc

Event type: Cultural events
When: 05/27/2018
Where: Querceta - Birramia
More info:
Theoretical-practical brewing course with the all-wheat method dedicated to Homebrewers and beer enthusiasts - Sunday 27 May in Querceta (LU), organized at the Birramia headquarters, in via Ciocche 943.The course It is designed and directed by brew master Jean Luc and is aimed at all homebrewers and enthusiasts who want to learn the production of home brew with the All Grain method.The course will include theoretical concepts and related practical applications. For more info visit

Nobody's perfect

Event type: Cultural events
When: 05/27/2018
Where: Pietrasanta - A.s.d BarryDog Campus via don minzoni,10
More info: Ida 380.6352167 | Valeria 328.3264274
NONE IS PERFECTSEMINAR with the Dott.sseMONICA ANTONI and DANIELA TARRICONEEverything you wanted to know about the relationship with your dog but you have never had the courage to askWe will highlight both what in general it is right to do that, despite the good will, we could find ourselves when not everything runs smoothly ... and how to face itBecause even with the same race, sex, age and even litter we will never find - fortunately - two equal individuals! In puppies as in adult dogs there are unpredictable variables in the character of each animal that can give rise to problems but can also take on the value of great qualities. And when, unfortunately, certain characteristics of the animal are creating problems in relation to the context, no one is to blame, neither you nor the dog, the important thing is to understand how to come out of it.These will be the themes of our dayFOR INFORMATION AND RESERVATIONSASD BARRYDOG CAMPUSIda 380.6352167 | Valeria 328.3264274

Yin Yogamo Training Practice and Principles

Event type: Cultural events
When: dal 05/29/2018 al 06/03/2018
Where: Lido di Camaiore - Centro Olistico Namaste',Via del Secco 150, Lido di Camaiore
More info: Per info e iscrizioni email Giada 3284098976 Tanya 3397056385
Full Immersion 29 May -3 JuneOpening hours: 9: 00-13: 00/14: 00-18: 00Introduction to the anatomical principles and practice of Yin Yogam❤️.The course is open to people who have been teaching for at least a year and to those who want to deepen their personal practice.The course is held by Tanya Texts yoga teacher with many years of experience in collaboration with Giada Fracassini at the Namaste Holistic Center.Yin is a sweet practice that helps us heal both the heart and the mind. It allows us to sit inside ourselves, to stand still and to notice what the body and the mind are telling us ..It differs from all the dynamic practices of yoga and is its perfect integration. Topics covered include:- What is Yin?- Principles of Anatomy (Band and Connective Tissue)- Posture study- How to use the props during practice- How to prepare and teach a lesson in Yin- Yin and MindfulnessA study manual and certificate of participation will be issued.The training it is activated with a minimum of 8 participants.Early Bird € 600 by March 31 (down payment € 350)Late Bird € 700 (down payment € 350)IBAN IT46H0200824601000103752800 < br /> For info and registration emailGiada 3284098976Tanya 3397056385

Tango weekend in Viareggio

Event type: Sport
When: dal 06/01/2018 al 06/03/2018
Where: Viareggio - Hotel Marchionni
More info: INFO: Patrizia 335 6256836 - Mary 335 6765697
1-2-3 June Tango Weekend with two great masters LUIS ALBERTO ROJAS and DIEGO CHANDIATango Studio of Vicenza and Mary Fasoli of MilanInvite youTANGO WEEKEND IN VIAREGGIOHotel Marchionni *** s stay, Viareggio--------------------- -------------Longing for summer, sun, sea, fun and ... GREAT TANGO!Here is a weekend that manages to bring all this together. < br /> We will be in the wonderful Versilia in the charming hotel "Hotel Marchionni *** in Viareggio, located in front of the most famous beach of the Riviera.Its" Nuova Italia "beach resort, beach and swimming pool is located directly on the seafront ready to welcome us for the first sun of the upcoming summer.All located just a few meters from the equally famous Capannina di Viareggio, historical local and in the last 8 years has become a reference point of tango in Tuscany. /> In a few meters we will have hotel, sea, milonga, beach ia and fun !! and not only ...You can especially spend a relaxing weekend to enjoy Tango and friendship with the desire to know another location of our beautiful Italy and many other TangueriLUIS ALBERTO ROJAS and DIEGO CHANDIATwo generations representing the world of today's tango will work side by side to give us a broader vision of their dancing, passing on their secrets. /> The tango milonguero by Luis Alberto Rojas with his "simplicity" and style and the tango salon by Diego Chandia, with its energy and freshness.From frame, between lessons, we will find sea, beach and spa for the day ... dinner parties and milongas in the evening.** PROGRAM ** ** PROGRAM ** ** PROGRAM **Friday 1 JuneArrival HOtel Marchionni ***secretary and accommodation in the rooms free dinnerCapannina di Viareggio21.00 lesson of Milonga with both teacherslesson open also to tut the tangueri of the territory10.30 pm Gran Milonga at the Capannina di Viareggiowith the music selection by Fabrizio Frappi------------ --------------------------------------Saturday 02 June - Breakfast and free dayCapannina di Viareggio4.00 pm Tango Milonguero lesson with Luis Rojas5.30 pm Lesson of Tango Salon with Diego Chandia20.00 dinner at the Marchionni Hotel22.00 Milonga at the Polycultural Club (in front of the Capannina di Viareggio) Dj of the evening Gianpaolo Antoni great experience and great music.-------- ---------------------------------------------Sunday 3 June Breakfast at Hotel MarchionniCapannina di Viareggio10.45 am Vals lesson with both mastersLesson also open to all the tango of the territory12.45 am lunch at Hotel MarchionniAfter lunch, departure.----------------------- --------------------------------FOR NON RES IDENTILessons for non-residents have a cost of 20.00 euros each.** NOTE FOR DANCERS **If you need a partner for lessons write to us in the booking email how high you are and how long you danceWe will do our best to find you a partner** Package stay **-------- --------------------------3 days, 2 nights half board, in a double room6 hours of lessons + 2 milongaspackage cost per person 245.00 eurosIf booked after March 30th the package is 260.00 eurosIf you are vegetarian, vegan or intolerant please let us know, we will prepare a suitable menu to you-----------------------------------BOOKINGINFO: Patrizia 335 6256836 - Mary 335 6765697must be done by email to or will be considered valid after the payment of the deposit of 100.00 eurospayment: Unicredit Bank Via San Gaetano, 10 Thiene (VI)IBAN: EN 07E 02008 60793 000104 166247Attested Ass esd RossovermigliotangoCausal Tango WeekendThe balance must be paid upon arrival.Curriculum MaestriLuis Alberto RojasIt is one of the most representative exponents of the best tango porteño. His is a dynamic and enveloping tango. He knew, with style and elegance, revisit in a modern and absolutely personal way all the canons of the traditional tango constituting a valid reference for lovers of milonguero style.He teaches in Milan and in northern Italy, is known and appreciated not only in Buenos Aires, Russia, Italy and Europe, but also in North America where he works very often.His last tour was with a great performer of Tango, Marcela DuranDiego ChandiaSince 2006 he began studying Tango-Dance with the masters Ricardo Bolívar and Fabiana Vidarte.In 2008 he began teaching Tango for beginners at the Club Nahuel Huapi in San Carlos de Bariloche, and in Chile < br /> Thanks to his great attitude as an apprentice and teacher, he decides to continue his studies in the city of Buenos Aires. There he meets teachers like Tete Rusconi - Pocho and Nelly.In his training, his personal work in Tangodanza is remarkable - recreating this dance with his style.

NEW COURSES Summer 2018

Event type: Cultural events
When: 06/04/2018
Where: Lido di Camaiore - Parco Pitagora (Lido di Camaiore) - Via Pitagora angolo via Aurelia
More info:
Hello everyone, here is some info for the new summer courses 2018:1) Monday 4 June at 20:30 at the Pitagora Park in Lido diCamaiore will be there 'a free trial lesson of salsa andbachata for those who have never danced.2) At 21:30 there will be a new course of only Bachata Open level(No first steps)3) Thursday 7 to 20:30 at the New Synergym Gym in Lidoin Camaiore there will be a free trial lesson of Kizomba.Since 2005 we are ready to welcome you and make you dance all summer and more.It is not obligatory to come in pairs!I remind you that the courses are carried out directly by the masters Mascalzone and Cristina and no by assistants or teachers of other schools!For all other short courses the complete schedule on

Color Casual Party 2K18

Event type: Parties and Animation
When: 06/09/2018
Where: Viareggio - Cittadella del Carnevale Via Santa Maria Goretti - 0584 53048
More info:
And another year has passed, the crucial moment for all the students has come again, to realize or improve what has been done during the entire school season.In parallel to the improvement path in this way, there is that of confirmation, of being able to achieve its objectives. We at LN & Chriss events aim, every time we introduce ourselves to you, to ensure that your entertainment is a continuous confirmation, a continuous improvement in order to give you more and more unforgettable moments, more and more emotions. It is for this reason that we are already here, thinking about how to greet another very intense school year, to listen to you, to understand what you expect, to stay close to you. By activating it we hope to activate you too slowly, to let you enter as soon as possible in the wonderful climate of our environment. Write to us, advise us, tell us what in past years should have been done according to your opinion. The LN & Chriss wants to stay at your pace, to get as close as possible to your ideal of early summer. The third edition of the Color Casual Party is just around the corner, the splendid setting of the Citadel will soon be decked out, ready to welcome the greatest gift we receive each year: your continued presence, your enjoyment, you. > Color Casual Party 2K18, Coming soon ...

ThetaHealing® - Grow Your Relationships 1 - You and your partner

Event type: Cultural events
When: dal 06/09/2018 al 06/10/2018
Where: Pietrasanta - New Style Srl, Via Pietra Del Cardoso 2/4
More info: Anna Margara Tel: 348 510 3217 E-mail:
Date 9 - 10 June 2018.Time 9.30 - 18.00Place - Via Pietra del Cardoso 2, New Style centerCost of the course 350 €Cost of organization 40 €Total cost 390 €Prerequisite - DNA Base, Advanced DNA, Deep ExcavationRegistration for the course is open until 7 days before the start of the course.This course will be held in Italian with a translation in Croatian.For all information and registrations contactAnna MargaraTel: 348 510 3217E-mail:

A Thousand and One Nights - Eastern Festival in Querceta

Event type: Parties and Animation
When: 06/10/2018
Where: Querceta - Piazza Giacomo Matteotti
More info: tel. 393 6351713
After the great success of last year, returns in the Squares and in the streets of Querceta (LU) the second edition of "A Thousand and One Nights" organized by the Cultural Association QuercetArte! The only great oriental festival in the heart of Versilia full of live artistic performances ranging from sawdust carpets to body-painting, from belly dancing to Bollywood-style shows, demonstrations of various martial arts, theme and local kitchens and of course the craft market and antiques, ethnic and otherwise, through the streets of the town. For the little ones there will also be inflatable games, entertainment and face painting. All wrapped in a new fairy-tale atmosphere full of decorations, music, colors and flavors of faraway countries, for an evening full of surprises, curiosities but above all lots of fun!Free admission/free offer

Intensive 5 with Pablo Veron-stage tango and musicality

Event type: Sport
When: dal 06/15/2018 al 06/17/2018
Where: Viareggio - Piazza Giacomo Puccini (Viareggio) (Viareggio)
More info: Info: Francesca Argentino 333 9449790
INTENSIVE 5Stage tango and musicality with Pablo VeronWith the collaboration of the master Mariano NavoneAnother meeting of study and dance with the great artist !! < br /> This time we will bring you ... in VERSILIA!In ViareggioHotel Marchionni is located in Piazza Giacomo Puccini just a few steps from the sea promenade of Viareggio and the pinewood. /> Its location is optimal to enjoy the holiday in this marvelous seaside resort.-The package includes:living room from Friday 15th to Sunday 17th June, 2 nights, 3 days at Hotel Marchionni *** S, Viareggio in double room with dinner and breakfast8 hours tango stage, 3 afternoon and afternoon stages 2 in preserata2 evenings of milongaTotal 295.00 eurosSingle supplement 20.00 euros per day ONLY 2 AVAILABLE !!!Sea view supplement 15 , 00 euro per day---Friday, June 15 evening at the Capannina of Viareggiolegendary milonga by Edemondo Bertoluccimusicalizador: Marco Dozio---Saturday 16 June milonga at the Circolo Policulturale (in front of the Capannina di Viareggio) a beautiful room in the pine forest < br /> musicalizador: Damian Boggio-********the courses and evenings in milonga are open also for those who do not stay in the hotel ** *****STAGE1 lesson (1 h) 20.00 euros, 2 lessons 35.00 eurosfull stage 8 h, 5 stages, 130.00 euros---EVENING Friday 15 JuneCapannina di Viareggio: 10,00 euro entrance with consumptionpreschool lesson and milonga 28.00 euro-Saturday 16 June - Centro Policulturale (in front of the Capannia di Viareggio) 8.00 euro entrance without consumptionpreschool lesson and milonga 26.00 euros-Info: Francesca Argentino 333 9449790

Two days in the Panie Group

Event type: Tours and Excursions
When: dal 06/16/2018 al 06/17/2018
Where: Levigliani - Levigliani
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Two days in the Panie group.The route develops over two days of trekking during which we will visit one of the most spectacular corners of the Apuan Alps, the Panie Group. We will climb on the Pania Croce and we will see from above the magnificent peak of Pizzo delle Saette. These impressive peaks and the pastures further downstream inhabited by flocks of moufflons, were frequented in antiquity by the Ligurian Apuans, who left signs of their presence on the territory through the Stele Statues and the rock carvings. It will be an opportunity to visit one of the most remote areas of the Apennines, a place with a character all its own, proud, majestic. Ask if this place will remain in your heart? Yes.Two-day program:Saturday 16 June - From Levigliani to Rifugio RossiWe start from the village of Levigliani, to reach the Antro del Corchia entrance via a minibus. From here begins the path to reach the Freo shelter (12.00) and eat in front of a spectacular view of the Pania Croce and the Pizzo delle Saette. During the afternoon, follow a path that runs along the side of Pizzo delle Saette, to reach the beautiful Rifugio Rossi in late afternoon, where we will stay overnight. From here you can enjoy an unforgettable view of the wall of the Pania Croce and the Pizzo delle Saette.Difficulty route: "E" - Excursion.About 18.00 - Arrival at Rifugio Rossi characteristic refuge of mountain managed with great care by Antonello and Mike. We are in a high mountain refuge, so the only possible accommodation is in a dormitory. WARNING: being a high mountain refuge, no showers are planned, the bathroom is spartan.Sunday, June 17 - From Rifugio Rossi to the top of the Pania Croce and return.8.30 am - breakfast, refueling sandwiches; 9.30 am - visit to the valley of Vetricia; 12.00 am packed lunch on the top of the Pania Croce; 1.00 pm descent and return.On the second day the path overlooks the famous Vetricia, a karstic valley where some of the deepest abysses of Italy are found, a true paradise for speleologists. We will then face the climb to the Pania Croce to get to the summit around 12.The top is usually inhabited by gracchi and swifts that literally "play" the air by cutting it with their wings. The long afternoon descent will pass through huge grassy valleys frequented by mouflons. The return to the village of Levigliani is scheduled for 6 pm. Difficulty route: "E" - Excursion with some sections "EE" -Return with own means from Levigliani.All the info on the site:For technical information write to giacomo.agnetti @ trekkingtaroceno.itFor reservations:

Glammy - Beach & Party in Forte dei Marmi

Event type: Parties and Animation
When: dal 06/16/2018 al 06/17/2018
Where: Forte dei Marmi - Forte dei Marmi (Forte dei Marmi) - Tel. +39 0584 280292 – 280253
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A taste of summer where fun and relaxation will be the protagonists of a weekend at the beach and in the coolest places in Versilia.from € 209-min 20 paxPullman a/r - breakfast on departure - 1 night in a 3/4 * hotel with half board - bathing establishments agreements - aperitif agreements - insurance - companionSHARE YOUR TRIP AND SAVE!upon reaching a minimum of 30 people, a discount of 10 euro will be applied to the whole group.EXTRA SERVICESvarious entrances, drinks, lunches, extra.

Summer Pole Party

Event type: Parties and Animation
When: 06/17/2018
Where: Massarosa - Wakepark Versilia, Via del Brentino, 1190
More info: Per info. 340/8496776 Desi 055/665326 segreteria Pole&Postural Academy
PolevolutionXL in collaboration with Pole & Postural Academy and Wakepark Versilia have decided to propose a day dedicated to Family and Sport, this first event combines the following disciplines:POLE DANCE - WAKE BOARD - AERIAL GYM - FLEXIBILITYGuest teacher Iliana Ciccarello, a world champion in addition to a series of professional teachers for other disciplines.This beautiful location will offer the chance for adrenaline lovers to do Wake Board in the beautiful lake, the park surrounding will host an exclusive space for the Pole Dance with 10 professional platforms, "aerial gym" area with fabrics and circles for our children, which will be followed by professional instructors, a Chiringuito for lovers of good food and if all this will seem too much , bring towel, swimsuit and enjoy the sun in the relaxation area!- 10:00 am work shop basic level € 23- 11:30 am work shop intermediate level € 23- 1.00 pm work shop advanced level € 23- 3.00 pm flexibility course € 15Study and analysis of the basic techniques for the use and control of the spin pole. Study and study of the basic techniques for the execution of spins on a static pole. Elements of pole choreography for the construction of a mini-routine designed specifically for the level of each class.AERIAL GYM € 5WAKE BOARD € 12CHIRINGUITO- sandwich with sausage/hamburger/hot dog € 5- chicken salad € 5- Vegan salad € 5- pasta with vegetables or tomato € 5(lunch by reservation. bag inside the lake and park)REQUIRED MANDATORY ONLY FOR ADULTS € 5BOOKING OF THE EVENT MUST BE MADE BY MAY 15, 2018Payment in cash directly to PolevolutionXL or Pole & Postural Academy or bank transfer payable to:IBAN IT62M0503425350000000002397For info. 340/8496776 Desi 055/665326 Pole & Postural Academy secretariatIn case of rain it will be postponed to June 24th.
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